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    Published Data Sources, Hidden Fields and File Size

    Craig G

      I am striving to improve my workbook performance as much as possible. One way I am doing so is reducing my overall extract size. I recently did a comparison:


      112 MB - Extract

      57.9 MB - Extract (with Extract Filter on one dimension)

      25.1 MB - Extract (no Extract filter, but dashboards using only 3 dimension, all others hidden)

      13.7 MB - Extract (with Extract filter on one dimension, dashboard using only 3 dimensions, all others hidden)


      As you can see, I was able to reduce my sample extract by ~ 88% !


      However, I have two follow up questions I am hoping someone on here can definitively answer:


      1. If I publish an extract as a data source, does it auto hide unused fields and thus reduce the extract size?

      2. What does the "Optimize" feature do?