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    Notes from June's Melbourne Tableau User Group

    Stacy Sterling

      Hi all,


      Great to see the huge turnout on Monday!  And of course a huge thank you to our 3 fantastic speakers:


      You can find Boreak Silk's presentation on visualising clue data here.  Find out more about CLUE data here, and start to play around with the vast amount of publicly available data sets.


      And you can find Robert Crocker's presentation on Makeover Monday here.  If you're inspired to try out your own Makeover Monday the presentation will have links to the tools mentioned, including  sketchmaster.com (Robert's kindly provided a discount code, VIZSIMPLY, which will get you 10% off a course) and Trifacta.  Robert also mentioned a few sources he likes to use to develop creativity, including:  recreating people's favorite vizzes from Tableau Public, or visiting dribbble.com, behance.com and pinterest.com for inspiration.


      And Caitlin Carne's presentation on gathering requirements and sketching out concepts before diving into Tableau is attached.


      Our next meetup will be in August, so watch this space!  As always, please feel free to reach out if you know of any job opportunities that you'd like to share with the community or if you're interested in speaking at a future meetup.