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    COUNTD Where Dimension=True?

    Tabitha Polk



      I’m hoping you can help me out.  We are trying to do the following:


      Calculate the average # days from created date to close date by region and offering type for all LOST/WON IDs and then count the number of OPEN IDs where the sales cycle length (created to today) is greater than the LOST/WON average by region and offering type.


      Right now, we are able to get a count based on Lost/Won IDs, but we need the Open – this seems to be where our issues are occurring – comparing Avg Sales Cycle on Closed IDs to the current Sales Cycle Length of Open. I feel like we need a calc that will do something like: COUNTD([ID]) where Open Length > Closed Avg = True, but I keep hitting a wall when trying to create anything like this.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.