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    chart two different queries in tableau

    irene Sánchez

      Hello everybody,


      I am working with two different datasources in tableau that I have linked using a combination. The problem I currently have is that I need to represent in one chart two variables that need to be obtained with independent queries for each database. However I dont know how to do it since the software ask me to activate the combination to represents both variables, which obviously modifies the data I need to analyse.  I have created  independent charts, uniting them in a final dashboard as shown below, but this is not really useful to me since it is difficult to interpret the results this way. Anyone could help me with this issue? Thanks a lot in advance!


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          Dinesh Sundar Gomathinayagam

          Hi Irene,

          Dual axis may be able to solve your problem here.


          The major things to look for when using dual axis is that the x-axis should be common and from one data-source. In your case I see that the x-axis is a set of dates. You should be able to relate the tables based on the date columns of the two data sources.


          Once you have the dates joined, drag it to the x-axis and drag the two measures (number of visits and number of records, please forgive my spanish if it is wrong) to the y axis and set one of them as secondary axis.