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    Calculated Fields using date interval

    Tarik Abdel-Monem

      I have a MySQL db which has three tables. Each table has a date field - 1) Create date 2) Submit date 3) Funded date


      To count how many applications have been created, I use the Create Date filter and the numbers are perfect. However, if I try to add funded application numbers, the numbers are off for funded because that table uses the Funded Date column


      If I create a separate worksheet using the Funded Date as a date filter, then the following calculated field displays correct numbers:

      SUM(IF ([Appd Status] = 'LENDER_APPROVED' AND [Appd Appl Id] <> 1110196) THEN 1 END)


      I have created a parameter, that I named "Parameter.FundingDt"


      This is what I am looking for to use in the first worksheet - pseudo code:

      If Parameter.FundingDt is within the selected Create Date range then SUM(IF ([Appd Status] = 'LENDER_APPROVED' AND [Appd Appl Id] <> 1110196) THEN 1 END) END


      As you can see by the attached screen shots, that the funded numbers are different when using dates from different tables. Unfortunately, users needing to see applications, approved & funded in the same worksheet, while using different dates