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    User unable to login to Tableau Server

    Atul Bhagwat

      Hi All,


      Quite a issue this one...

      We have an AD user which is unable to login to Tableau server. Its a service account.

      It works on only one tableau server. All other servers that I add it to, it simply fails with Invalid username and password.



      The service account is valid and works fine.

      All other tableau servers are working fine. I can add remove other users/service accounts and they log in just fine.

      All have core based licenses

      Password is ok and works fine

      Added/removed the user. Made the user as administrator, still no go

      The service account is the admin account on the server it is able to login.

      Hence, I tried to make it as a part of admin for other servers, however that did not work.


      I am unable to get any details from the httpd logs. It has a request id. But, I am unable to get a link to that request id in other log files.

      I just get at 403. Tried to enable debug, however it did not give much info.


      Any thoughts?



      Atul Bhagwat