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    Tableau 10.2- Need help hiding drilldown dashboards on tableau server

    Ashley Solomon



      Does anyone know how to hide dashboard thumbnails on tableau server? I have a workbook published to tableau server. In this workbook I have 18 Dashboards, 5 of which are purely for drilldown purposes. I don't want my clients to see this dashboard in the thumbnail view. I only want those dashboards to be accessible to the client when they use the appropriate filter actions from a specific Dashboard. Does anyone know how to do this?



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          Karthik Venkatachalam

          Hi Ashley,

          I don't think there is a way to accomplish that, at least directly.

          That said,we currently have implemented what you have described. But in our case, we have a web portal, which shows workbooks using embed script, users never get access to the default tableau server portal.

          This way, in the embed script there is a parameter to turn off 'tabs'. So, user would never see the tabs, (nor would they see the "views" thumbnails, as default portal access is blocked) however they would be able to navigate/drill down in to detail sheets and back to summary sheets, all within iframe, and they would never know which tab they are on, all they see is a spinning wheel and some data views, in and out.


          But again, this is not be possible to accomplish in a default server setting. Unless there are other solutions I am unaware of.