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    Rest API authentication and embedding View - iOS

    Benjamin Schröder

      Hi Guys,


      I am currently trying to develop an ios app as part of my bachelor thesis. Until now, the authentication with the rest API works very well and I get an oAuthToken back. I can also display all projects, workgroups and views (residual API queries).
      Unfortunately I now stand before the problem one of the listed views in a WebView display and that does not work, because I do not know what a link to the view I must use and how the authentification works in the browser.
      Currently I am always in my WebView forwarded to the Tableau Server login page and should log me in manually, although I'm logged in by Rest API. How can I avoid that ?
      I've read something about cookies, workgroup_session_id, and XSRF-TOKEN and I've tried the "mobile-connected-client" from github. But I don't understand that Tool.
      Can someone give me a solution or explain a bit about the funtionality ?

      Many Thanks.

      Best regards