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    Workgroup Postgres Performance Impact

    Tapaha Robati

      Wondering if someone could help me understand something.


      To put in perspective, our on premise server has over 170 TDS (majority are extremely wide, some a couple of hundred), about 2000 workbooks.


      This isn't a request for hammering the usage or setup of the server. It's not my domain.I'm not IT. I'm just a BA in that unspoken world between IT and the business.


      Over the last few months, a colleague and I have been working on some app development using the Postgres db. The main purpose being for finding specific clusters of workbooks (by usage/user or many different filters), moving them to a Archive project for a cooling off period...and then we later download and delete them. Second to this, we are having to do some work where we download all the twb's we have, and do some XML changes for remapping to "cleaner" datasources. It's purely to help the business de-clutter.


      My question is...what is the impact on Tableau server performance in typically when only reading from the database?


      Our queries are running for a few seconds at a time. Obviously this is outside the movement of workbooks themselves. I'm purely curious as to whether doing simple calls to the database has much of a performance hit. This is because IT made the call to cut our access under the premise of server performance issues caused by anyone outside their area. My colleague and I are 100% certain it's not us, but actually just the copious number of wide datasources we can see published (170 odd to date) being accessed by hundreds of people daily.


      My assumption is that the traffic caused by these calls is no different to a person navigating the front end web portal for our Tableau server.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          This sounds like a great project and something you may want to share with the community with lessons learned. 


          As for your question, would it be possible to do a backup/restore each day and work from the backup?  I can't speak to how much calls outside tableau are going to impact the Postgres db performance.  If they are simple select * then I wouldn't imagine much of a hit.  Indexes, Joins, and size of the tables will all play a role not to mention the impact of your network.   If it was my Server, I would probably have folks interested in access to the Postgres DB access the backup restored on a separate server to be 100% sure that no accidental drop or insert commands occur.