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    Tableau extract from AWS is taking forever

    Snehasis Pradhan

      Hi team,


      I have a situation where am trying to extract data from AWS from 1st Jan 2016 till date, I know the data is huge and there are subqueries with 5-6 joins. That's the most optimized query I could think of to collect all the data I need for my report.

      To create an extract for 1 day, its taking 3 mins in tableau desktop and I need the data from 1st jan 2016 till date. Its taking forever to extract and I stopped trying to extract it in a normal way. I tried to add a parameter which will give me zero rows and after publishing I can refresh the extract, however, while am editing the extract and trying to apply the filter, it says "gathering field data" and it keeps on running, I did wait for 1 hr to just trying to add the filter and then I cancelled the process.


      Any one has any suggestions for my situation?