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    Does server machine domain and AD domain should be same?

    Kingston Peter

      Hi I am trying to install Tableau server in my enterprise and I have a question regarding this.

      Someone please help me in resolving it.

      a. My server machine is in global domain and I am going to give AD Domain name as Corp QA.

      The service account I created is in Corp QA domain and as per Tableau I have to give the domain

      name where the service account resides. Is that will be a problem if I give AD domain name as corp.qa

      when the server machine is in Corp.Global domain?


      b. After giving all the details in server configuration and when I press ok I get an error message as

      "tab username and/or password is incorrect". Can someone explain what is the reason behind this?

      I already installed Tableau once in the same machine and I uninstalled it and when I tried to reinstall

      I got this error. Is my previous username and password which I gave for first installation

      is still sitting on the machine?

      Please leave a reply if you don't understand anything. Thanks