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    Can anyone recommend a database solution?

    Julian Gari

      Hey there!


      I am starting to explore data-tracking and database things for the video game I'm working on. As of now, we've done a simple proof of concept. Whenever a game ends, it writes everything to a Google Spreadsheet. Tableau connects to that Google Spreadsheet as a server, and everything works as expected. The (big) problem is that Google Spreadsheets have a max cell count of 400k, so we would hit capacity in less than 1 day, which isn't sustainable. We basically want to write the data to a database instead of a Google Spreadsheet.


      Our primary need is just a big place to store data that Tableau can connect to (something that can store millions of rows). We don't really need to even query the table.


      If anyone has a few minutes, it would be so helpful and appreciated to hear advice on where to start and any recommendations for a database solution (ideally for someone without any database experience).


      I am currently using the 14-day trial version of Tableau and am strongly considering upgrading to a Desktop Professional Edition, but I want to make sure we have a place to store our data first.


      Thank you,