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    A user asked me this question


      What does this mean?


      what level of granularity I might need to summarize data to if we were going to try and move it to our Tableau Server.

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          Jim Dehner

          This is an interesting question -


          The level of granularity determines the lowest level of detail that can present in your analysis - you can always aggregate to a higher level but the can go a level that is lower than your lowest level - example - lets say you are recording sales data at the year-month-day level for time and the market - segment - customer level for marketing analysis and geographically you go from country - to state level and on the product level you have product group -product line and product name


          With that breakdown you would have a s lowest level day - customer product -state - and could role up from there - you could see what products a customer bought in a time period for example


          But you do not have order level or line item on the order level - so you would not be able to market basket analysis or detail into sales by county or zip (store level)

          That may not be important to you but if it is then you would need a lower level of dis-aggregation than that used above


          Now  the price you pay to get to the lower level is the size of you data base increases geometrically and the performance goes down - its a trade off that is driven by your analysis needs