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    Filter Action on dashboard

    Raveesh Dubey

      I am running into some issues trying to filter the data on a sheet on tableau dashboard using a field from another sheet. I am attaching the sample packaged workbook to this post  and I am trying to filter out data in sheet 'Test1' using 'Line Item Name' field in sheet 'Test 2' the action filter that I am using is 'Line Filter Moat' but whenever I click on the 'Line Item Name' the action filter does not work. I have done this kind of thing in past and it worked everytime and I will really appreciate any help with this one. The tableu version that I am using is 9.3.



      Thank You.

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          Ben Whitaker

          Hi Raveesh,


          I think there are two things happening here. The twbx you uploaded appears to not have a target sheet selected. See below:


          So you would need to select 'Test1' as the target sheet.


          The second issue is the 'Run on single select only' option.



          As the line item Name is a header, selecting a line item is effectively selecting multiple marks, which this check box will not let you do for this action. So untick that box and it should work.