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    Filter Action on Cells in a Text Table

    Simon Stegelmeier

      Hello fellow Tableau Users,


      I have built a text table in Tableau using measures (calculated fields), which i placed on the row shelf and formatted to discrete dimensions.

      The first column contains customer names and the remaining columns contain KPI.

      I would like to add a filter action which allows me to click into a cell, taking me directly to a new dashboard, containing more granular data for the respective KPI. The target dashboard should be pre-filtered to the respective customer.


      So far I was able to achieve this only with a action filter menu which pops up upon clicking in the cell. However, the menu contains links to many different dashboards. This not only looks cluttered, but also makes for a less pleasing user experience.


      Has anyone ever built such a Filter and would be able to share their solution?


      Thanks and best regards,