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    This ODBC doesnot support all the capabilities used by tableau

    sukanya sahoo



      I am connecting Tableau 10.3 to Denodo 5.5 using driver DenodoODBC_x64. I am able to connect to database and get the tables along with its data. But when I am clicking on 'Go to Worksheet' tab to create reports, I am getting the below warning. I have also added a customization file as mentioned in Tableau or Denodo official sites(odbc64-denodo.tdc) in <TABLEAU_HOME>/defaults/Datasources. Please help me on this.


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          Wilson Po

          Hi Sukanya,

          This is actually normal - it is just a warning to tell you that the driver may not support all functionality, but that a bulk of what Tableau may need will still work.  "ODBC" is an open standard that each vendor prescribes to;  as such, not all ODBC drivers are built with the same functionality and support.  When Tableau needs to connect to a data source via this open standard route, it does profile the driver to see what functions may not be enabled.  A quick fix to move away from these issues is to just Extract Your Data when you connect; this will move the information into Tableau's own optimized structure where the drivers are designed for full functionality.  This is a good technique to workaround poor ODBC support. 


          Since Dendo is the owner of the driver, you may need to talk to them for enhancement if you expect the live connection to have more functionality.  Ultimately the DB vendors manage their ODBC driver offerings, so they might be the folks to discuss this with.