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    Creating a calculation

    Matt Kerr



      I have recently created a calculation which was valid and worked (as seen below).

      Unfortunately I have missed a vital part that needs to be included in this calculation, as this is creating a calculation for the new business case count it should only count the policy reference once. This is because additional transactions can be created on a single reference therefore it counting more than one for the new business count.

      I have included the above calculation to show the polref@ dimension.


      I need a additional line in the calculation to count the policy reference once.


      Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks Matt.

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          Tom W

          "And [PolRef@] what?" is how I read what you've written in your formula. You haven't said how you want to evaluate the polref field in the IF condition, but it doesn't seem like you actually want to. The IF part of an IF condition is evaluation only, it doesn't control any other behaviour.


          If you're trying to count the distinct number of pol ref's then you probably want a formula like;

          COUNTD( IF stuff THEN [Polref@] END)