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    Tableau Actions - presenting a different dashboard within a dashboard by selection

    Maneet Deol

      Hello Tableau Community,


      First of all let me thank this forum/community for being so responsive to helping others.


      I am currently interning and my first project relies on me presenting an interactive dashboard. So far I have developed all the dashboards with the right visual graphics. I have one main dashboard where I have a high level overview of information (based on application status updates at a monthly snapshot), this main dashboard presents simple information form which I'd like the user to be able to select an area of the graph on the left (donut chart) and then have the corresponding dashboard be visible when selective. For example if I select the "Approval" portion of the chart, I'd like for the actions to be able to showcase the "Approval Dashboard" below the Main Dashboard in the empty container I have left there. Once I de-select that portion of the donut chart I'd like the respective dashboard. I also have updating/dynamic titles that change respective to the selected application status.


      So my question or rather request to you (the community) is to please guide me on how I can make this happen with actions and parameters (I did some digging into this topic but wasn't sure how to set it up). Is what I described even possible? If not any alternative actions I can set up where by selection of a status, the respective dashboard would appear? I've attached the images of the Main Dashboard and the other 3 dashboards (Approved, Denied, & Pending) to this post.


      If you require the workbook, I can upload it upon request.


      Thank you,

      Maneet Deol