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    Performance issue

    Rajashmita Kar

      Hi Guys,

      I am facing performance issue with my tableau workbook. I have around 18 dashboards in my workbook. All together nearly 60 worksheets available.
      It connects to published datasource which has 400 columns. First Page is the summary scorecard and other dashboard are detail one. It takes 6 min for the workbook to open.
      According to me only option to reduce load time is to split the dashboards into multiple workbook or hide unused field and take extract which will be specific to each dashboard.
      Is there any other way to reduce the load time and improve performance of Tableau Dashboard without splitting the dashboard?

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          Vishal Jethwa



          Have you tried to run a performance recording on your workbook. There are many reasons why the workbook could be running slow:


          • Many complex calculations
          • Heavy usage of data blending
          • Very large data-set
          • Server specification not able to handle the request
          • Queries generated by Tableau taking too long to execute


          What is the configuration/specs of your Tableau Server?


          To run a performance recording: Create a Performance Recording


          This might help you narrow down the cause.