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    Counting the number of occurrences of a particular string, then applying weight

    Justin Arnold

      How do I write a calculation to:

      1. Count the number of occurrences of certain strings appearing in a column? For example, if either '6940' or '6941' or '6942' were to appear in column X, then count.

      2. Then, for each of those rows that was counted, apply a multiplier unique to each of those counted rows from another column? For example, if a row has  '6942' in column F14 then count it, but also multiply it by the number in another column of that row for example 3, so if '6942' were present, it should count as 3 instead of just 1.


      I am not even sure if this is the order one would do this or if first the weighting should be applied, then count. Thank you!