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    What is the best response time for tableau dashboard with over 1 million records?

    Michele Bongiovanni

      Hello all,

      I am newbie to tableau, I would like to know What is the best response time for Tableau dashboard? 

      here is the description for my workbook...

      1) I have created TDE file (over 1M rec)

      2)There are 22 calculated fields, 7 Measures, 8 Dimensions.

      3)9 worksheets & 3 dashboards.

      4)Using Calculated fields I created 4 Dropdown filters and 2 search boxes (all filters used in 3 dashboards)

      5)3 Dashboards interact with dashboard actions.

      after publishing the workbook, I am trying to visualize the dashboards on the internal site, but it's taking almost 30 - 40 sec to get visualize.

      I followed the https://www.interworks.com/blog/bfair/2015/02/23/tableau-performance-checklist