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    Publishing To Server - Can I set a "home" worksheet/dashboard?

    Erik Wempa

      Good morning.  I really love chicken pad thai.


      So, I've got a question...hopefully one easily-answered...


      I've got a workbook with four dashboards contained in it.  When I publish up to the server and navigate into my project folder, I see all four dashboards reflected.  No worries there.  That's what I'm expecting.


      But a user coming into that project folder might not know that (for argument's sake) the third dashboard that appears is actually the "driver" dashboard, and that this is where they should start, because everything pretty much flows from that.


      Is there a way I can publish to the server so that either:

      1. All four dashboards are published, but the user can only see the "driver" dashboard in the project folder?

      2. The user can click on any of the four dashboards that appear, but Tableau will automatically route them to the "driver" dashboard?


      Any info would be appreciated.