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    CrossTab with Different Measures and QoQ Changes on  the Columns

    Joyce Zheng



      I am working on developing a tableau crosstab with my number of customer and number of account data to show the quarter over quarter change with respect to the previous quarter and the change with respect to the same quarter of last year. The below screenshot illustrates the view I was trying to develop in Tableau. My challenge here is to have my QoQ change columns along with my aggregated measures by date on the columns. I have attached the tableau workbook I have created so far. Any suggestion is very much appreciated!


      CrossTab Mock View.PNG

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Joyce,


          The calculations in your workbook are correct so you have that part figured out using the view that you have.  Is the issue trying to get this into the format shown above in the question?  Tableau formatting of crosstab views is not it's strong suit..  Excel specializes in these sorts of accounting crosstab functions.  However, it is possible to create a view like the one above with a dashboard and 3 separate views.  I created one in the attached workbook.  Note that since the views rely upon data from previous quarters , the columns can not be filtered (excluded) but instead can only be 'hidden'.  A google search will provide several articles about the differences between Excel and Tableau to help determine the best tool for me..  I usually use crosstabs as a verification of the data within a visualization type such as a bar, line, bullet, scatterplot, etc..  that Tableau does easily rather than as a presentation view.


          I hope the workbook helps out a bit.  Oh - also - in the future, if you could please mention the version of Tableau workbook uploaded, it would help.  I opened this in version 10.2 and then realized it was in 9.2.  I then opened again in 9.2 and made the edits there. 


          I hope this helps,




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