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    What are your best organization tips?

    Vincent Baumel

      I try to hold myself to a pretty high standard of organization in my computer environment, so when I occasionally find myself looking at a collected mass of a few hundred workbooks I sometimes struggle to find a straightforward organization method. I have .TDE files, .TWB and .TWBX, workbooks going back to version 9.2, data sources in Excel and Access formats, and a few other random bits and pieces I've picked up relevant to Tableau. I'd like to hear what some other folks do to keep yourself organized!


      One method I try to use is in an effort to reduce the number of workbooks I have demonstrating a specific skill or technique. I have a workbook in which I demonstrate all of these skills using the Superstore data set, and each time I want to show a new technique I just add to that workbook. It's currently at about 60 worksheets/dashboards, but it's been a helpful reference for when I want to apply a known technique to a new data set.

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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Vincent,


          As a "starter" a clear naming convention in which it's "Cristel Clear" what the exact relation is between tbw, tbwx and tde used would be helpful;)

          At the same time proper usage of projects and sites should also be a could starting point:)

          Next,  the statistics on usage would be very helpful to kill as much as possible and when objects are not used very often somebody should come up with a very could reason to keep the object stored;)


          As mentioned just as a starter