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    I want to arrange a tableau pakistan user group meetup in karachi

    Mehsam Raza

      Currently there is no event happening in Pakistan for Tableau and an insignificant number of tableau enthusiasts and developers exist. I want to start this Tableau fission in Pakistan and create a large community of tableau enthusiasts and developers by this honorable platform. As of now i am planning to create a meetup in Karachi for Tableau users. Please send your ideas and interest for the same. This is a sample project work i have done for my FYP on coursera and i want to encourage more people to leverage power of tableau for analysis, reporting and making interactive charts. Sarah Kurian Please jump on in to support this young tableau ambassador https://public.tableau.com/static/images/Pa/PakistanEducationalPerformance-Dashboard/PakistanEducationPerformanceDashboard/1.png