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    3 axis chart


      Hi I currently have some data that shows me how many orders, total cost and if these orders were delivered on time (i.e Success). What I am looking to do is build a chart with 3 axis (image attached) with each axis giving a different range based on their numbers. I am aware that you could do a dual axis chart but not sure how I got about doing one with 3 axis.


      Currently I haven't built anything as when reading forums and googling, haven't come across anything for more than 2 axis so thought I would ask.


      Would appreciate any advice on how I can achieve this in Tableau.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Sara Sparks

          Hi Najib,


          I'm not sure what you're envisioning here. If you're looking to communicate three different values, you can typically use other ways of encoding the value, rather than another axis (i.e. color by whether the orders were delivered on time, or not). How are you looking to represent the information in the chart? Is it information about the number of orders over time? Or by Category? How would the dimensions be represented on the chart?


          You can also use "Measure Values" in a dual axis, to represent multiple measures:



          I've attached the workbook with this chart as well.