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    Calculation of days from start date and end date within quarters

    Nigel Sypouo

      Hi all,


      I am having hard time calculating number of days worked per quarter and per month by my team members. Each of them is assigned a Work Order (WO) that may or may not start on a date in a quarter and end on a date in the next quarter.

      For example, if I want to determine the Actual Worded days for an employee from team HT from 3/27/2017 to 4/13/2017, it appears as if Tableau will not include in Quarter 1 the days from 3/27/2017 to 3/31/2017 in the computerization, but will rather add those days in Q2.


      I have created a calculated field without success. I am certain that by utilizing multidimensional arrays I will get to the resolution. Unfortunately, I am not quite familiar with that notion in Tableau.


      Can someone help?




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Nigel,


          Thank you for posting your question and supplying a workbook.  I reviewed the workbook but I couldn't tell where things are hung up.  The question in the post above is pretty specific to a time period of a week vs the .twbx showing total days worked per vessel name by quarter and FSE discipline.   Could you provide a few more details about what information the viz should provide and if there are to be date selections of some sort in the view.  I ask because some solutions will depend on datediff() values and may not work if dates are being filtered from the view. 


          In the meantime, there are several posts on this topick here: FAQ:  Holidays & Workdays and FAQ:  Open & Close Dates that may be examples to help out.