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    Dashboard with Flexible Drill-Down Characteristics

    Travis Williams



      I am attempting to build a dashboard that will allow a user to breakdown number of records by various demographic criteria and to be able to breakdown at multiple levels. I want the user to be able to choose the criteria they are able to drill down on. For instance, say I have three demographic factors.....age, ***, and income category (I have already created the pre-defined income and age categories). One end user might want to drill down number of records by ***, then break that out by age, then break that out by income. Another end user might want to drill down the number of records by age, then drill that down by income. Other users may want to do the various other combinations of those three demographic criteria. I want something that will give end users the functionality to drill-down in any combination they want using those three demographic factors.



      I've tried building new variables and use hierachies to do this, but the hierachy only allows you to define a specific drill-down path, it doesn't give the user the ability to drill-down in any order/combination they want. Is there a way to build what I want into a dashboard?

      Any help is much appreciated!