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    Multiple Measures in Columns under Date Column

    Chris Warton

      I'm pretty sure this is a dumb newbie question, but anyway...


      I have some data on usage by day for a number of users. Each day, for each user, they have an entitlement (a number of usages they're allowed) and an actual usage (the number of usages they actually had).


      What I want is a table showing, on the Y axis, the users, and along the X axis, the dates, and under each date, a heading for each of two columns 'Entitlement' and 'Usage', with the relevant figures under them. So it would look something like the excel spreadsheet attached as an example.


      Also attached is a workbook that illustrates the problem. In it I show the two values, but they're on top of one another, not next to one another, and there are no column headings for them.


      This seems simple to me, but I can't work it out.