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    Use an online dashboard to filter a different online dashboard

    carl lewis

      Hello all,


      I don't even know if this is possible.  I have a number of dash boards that all use the same data.  In tableau desktop if I use a filter I can get all the dashboards to change.


      My problem, I'm sharing the dashboard vis sharepoint websites. I want to have the main dash on the page and let the end user select location - I would then like all of the other dashboards I have set up to change to this location.  I would then link to them in pop outs.


      SO the user can get more detail if they want it?


      So Main page has a dashboard, I select a location on that dash and all the visuals change, I have another dashboard set up on a clickable cube on the page, when I click that I want it to be forced to use the location set on the main page.. Can I do this ?