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    Zip Code, NUTS Database

    Gilberto Cervantes

      Hello everyone,


      I am currently working on a project where I have a significant number of countries and zip codes (in the thousands).  I have had problems with Tableau not recognizing some of them.  "Especially in Europe".


      I have two kinds of problems:


      1: The Zip code I have IS actually in the database but for some reason the program does not recognize the string.  In the picture below zip code 05399 is initially not recognized by the program, but when matching it manually, it DOES EXIST.




      2: The Zip Code I have is not found in Tableau's data base for Zip Codes.  In the picture below zip code 20502 is not found, 20503 is the closest.




      I do not mind using the "closest" Zip Code, but I wonder if there is a more systemic way for me to go about this other than manually changing each one.


      The following would help me:


      1. Figuring out why the Zip Codes that DO EXIST are not being recognized

      2. A list or some sort of way to access Tableau's reference list for Zip Codes (so I can adjust the source data that contains "unknown" ones)

      3. A way to see which Country each unknown Zip Code belongs to on the "Edit Locations" window


      I have similar problems with NUTS, but they are less blatant.  I would certainly appreciate any input.  Thanks beforehand!!





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          Ritesh Bisht

          Please go through this article --->  Custom Geocode Your Data

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            Gilberto Cervantes

            Hello Ritesh,


            thank you for your answer.  That article is certainly helpful, however I do not understand how to properly use this for my particular case. 


            Custom Geocoding seems like a good option if one either has:

            • few points to map (in which case latitude and longitude can easily be looked for and input manually)
            • a geocoding tool/service (in which latitudes and longitudes can be obtained automatically and volume is not an issue)


            I don't have either.  However, most of my Zip Codes are indeed recognized.  For example, out of around 2000 European Zip Codes, only 275 are unknown. 

            Tableau manages to calculate the latitude and longitude of most of them. 


            This leaves me to wonder if any of the following is possible


            1. Is there a way I can somehow export the geolocation data Tableau already calculated so I can then manipulate the few unknowns externally and then resolve the issue with custom geocoding?
            2. Can I get my hands on any sort of file that includes the "recognizable" Zip Codes (and NUTS if available)  by Tableau.  This way I can process my source data to match the closest/most appropriate recognizable values. 


            Thanks again, I appreciate your help. 





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              James Mela

              Here is a link for a zip code database.  You can add the State ahead of connecting or you can blend the two together with a relationship on zip codes.