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    Implementing SSO in Server with Another Platform

    Nathan Anderson

      I'm a BI analyst and R/SQL Developer at a tech startup in Denver, and long story short we have a platform that our clients use and one of the key features of that platform is collecting data.  We have our own back-end platform that tracks the performance after implementation of our solution.


      We have several customized dashboards in Tableau Online, which clients log on to view their app performance - completely separate from our platform. We have several report, due to the PCI-complaiance needs of our customers, but most are on a generic report that is currently subsetted via user filters. (Right now, in order to speed up load times, I'm trying to implement row-level security as opposed to user filters - I'm not sure of the difference at this point, but that is another discussion entirely.)


      We want to migrate from Online to Server, which seems likely. The main benefit is something that our Tableau rep said would be possible: integrating our Tableau reports on a single sign on within our custom platform.


      From a UX perspective, we want potential access to one of three types of reports:

      1. A free report with basic tracking of app performance
      2. A generic report with more robust reporting for a small fee to cover overhead
      3. Full customized reports for billable clients with a set number of billable hours


      The goal being that our clients will have a logon into our platform, and the reporting tab would return one of those three views (based on client needs), with only their data - either through user filters or row-level security. This would further be governed by whether they can allow their data in the same stack as other clients. Essentially each client with a login to our platform (not a separate login for Tableau Online), and see a reporting tab which, when they click on it, they will see only the data associated with that email.


      Our CFO wants to see proof of concept, and at this stage I just need to verify that this is possible before recommending a move to server. Any high-level information about how this would be implemented would also be appreciated - I'm more on the statistics side of things than the engineering side of things, so a lot of the architecture stuff is greek to me.