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    State, click county, show zips

    gene shackman

      Hi all


      I would like to prepare a dashboard where people first see a state, showing all counties. Then they click on a county, and see another vis that shows just that county, and the zip codes in that county. The first map shows prevalence of an indicator by county, then the second map, the county level map, shows prevalence by zip code.


      In this attached file, each county has a bunch of zip codes with it (assume each zip only goes to one county, I think that's what the data set has), and then each line has a prevalence (in the number column). Each county also has a line "Total" that shows the prevalence for that county.


      Once in that county, there should also be a filter that visitors can use to select another county, then they would go to another county map, showing the prevalence by zip code for that other county.


      I have a kind of idea on how this -should- be done, but I'm stuck on some parts. This seems like it should be kind of not too difficult. If anyone can work this up in a short time, I would appreciate it. If it takes too long though, don't use too much of your time.