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    Reverse Proxy - Hardware requiremnet

    Praveen Bhojan



      We are planning to setup reverse proxy for Tableau server so that the Tableau server can be access from outside client network(i.e Internet). I am looking for an hardware requirement matrix for reverse proxy, but I couldn't find it from web. I need your suggestion.


      Consider, we have 50 concurrent users access Tableau server.

      Web-server will be windows with IIS,




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Praveen -


          You probably would do better to ask this question in the Microsoft forums - those folks will have a better idea of the performance characteristics of their own software (IIS) when used as a proxy server and more likely to be able to suggest appropriate hardware.


          That said, 50 users running through a proxy isn't a lot - you won't need much hardware to support this. If I were in AWS EC2-land, I'd probably run this on a very small box, like a t2.micro.