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    Filter doesn't work (select either All or specific data range)

    Sabine Honer

      Hi All,


      I want to do the following but I fail:

      1. I have a date list, just with list of dates ( in this example from first date every third day)

      2. I have a mater list with dates and IDs ( typically it has same dates as date list, but it isn't unique)


      I have created a parameter with two entries ( "AllDates" and "Date Range")

      - If "AllDates" is selected: return unique number of IDs for all given dates in Master list

      - if "Date Range" is selected: return only number of IDs for given range



      I can't come up with calculated field, that I could use in filter to get that functionality to work.


      I am happy about any ideas or hints.


      Best regards