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    Mapping Price to Multiple customer Orders  using {Fixed} LOD calculations

    conor duke

      I have a Series of Orders (in a database) for a customer and I would like to create a calculation with sums the value for order based on a LINKED data source (spreadsheet)


      The problem I have is I CANNOT create a FIXED LOD across 2 data sets.


      Please see my sample data below


      Order file

      Date         Account Type      Account Num.     Product id.    

      1/1/1999      Normal                    ABC1                    Delux    

      2/1/1999      Normal                    ABC1                    Delux

      3/1/1999       Normal                  ABC2                    Delux

      4/1/1999       Normal                   ABC2                    Standard

      4/1/1999      Normal                    ABC1                    Standard


      Pricing File

      Product ID          Unit Price

      Delux                         $10

      Standard                    $5



      When I create the relationship between Product ID.... and try and view the TOTAL revenue for the 'Normal' Category... it 'Sums' the Unit Price and THEN multiplies the by the orders


      Is there a solution to MAP the unit price to the Order file IN tableau using a calculation or a particular type of join?