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    Customize Subscription URL

    Jeff Bloomfield

      We have a scenario is which one of our server team sites uses a splash page to control user access into the workbooks that they are publishing to Tableau Server (v10.1.3).  Works great for them, and when a user makes their choices on the splash page, they are taken to their workbook via a link similar to this:  http://tableauserver.com/t/TeamSite/views/TableauDashboard/Dashboard?:embed=y&:showShareOptions=true&:display_count=no&:…


      So, when the workbook is loaded, they don't see any of the menu or navigation bars, and so are unable to perform additional actions on Tableau Server itself (like navigate to other projects or content within that project).  The issue we are having is that team is also starting to use subscription alerts, and when a subscription alert is sent the embedded URL is displayed as http://tableauserver.com/t/TeamSite/views/TableauDashboard/Dashboard so when a user clicks to go to the workbook in question, they now have access to the navigation and toolbars and can now get to other projects.


      I'm trying to see if there is a way to customize the URL that gets embedded in a subscription so we can turn off the menu and navigation toolbars?   There wasn't as of 2013 (Subscription Email png Link ) but I wanted to check and see if anything has changed?


      Thx in advance,