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    Update email address in Tableau Online for 100+ users due to company wide email migration.

    Radek Zakaszewski



      Environment: Tableau Online


      Our company has undergone email migration a few times due to the changes in ownership etc.


      Currently we have users, whose accounts were created using email addresses registered in 3 various email domains, i.e. user1@abc.com, user2@xyz.com and user3@mnk.com.


      From what I've found, it's not possible to update users' email addresses and Tableau suggests removing users accounts and creating new ones, but with this I think the contect associated with the old account will be removed as well? Will the new users have access to their old content, created with the old user (email)?


      Can Tableau Support assist in this case? I have 100+ users, can't imagine doing this one by one for every single user.


      Any help would be much appreciated, thanks