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    Tableau automatically adds 'isguestredirect=y' to Bookmark URL

    Matthew Brondum

      I have created a dashboard and published it to Tableau Server. I then created a bookmark in Google Chrome for easy access to this dashboard. All of a sudden it will randomly add text to the URL and says I don't have access to the data. For example:


      The actual URL: https://tableau-bi.MYCOMPANY.com/#/views/NAMEOFDASHBOARD/NAMEOFWORKSHEET

      The redirect URL: https://tableau-bi.MYCOMPANY.com/#/views/NAMEOFDASHBOARD/NAMEOFWORKSHEET/?:isGuestRedirectFromVizportal=y&:embed=y


      If I just go to https://tableau-bi.MYCOMPANY.com and search for the dashboard name and navigate that way it let's me in. Can someone assist? We do use OKTA login for single sign on and I'm wondering if that may affect login access.