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    Excluded partition (first) in Desktop version vs. Server version

    Sameer Rana

      I am encountering a strange issue:


      I created a twbx on my Tableau Desktop Version 9.3 which has the following growth rate table which is actually the 2nd partition of a table in which the first partition is hidden (Excluded using FIRST()!=0 ...True filter).



      However, when I upload this twbx to Tableau Server 10.2, the excluded partition stubbornly reappears - it has nulls/0 values which I don't want to display! Please see below anomaly:




      I have tried replicating and recreating the worksheet a couple of items per my Server Admin's advice but it has not helped things. I initially thought this may be due to difference in Server and Desktop version but my admin tried doing the same but same result - null/0 excluded partition appears in the table.


      Has anybody encountered this and is it a known issue? What workarounds can I use?