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    How can I organise my measures in the Data Pane?

    Victor Clarke

      Hi guys


      Simple question I thought, but it has me stumped.


      I am creating a number of calculated fields for my data, and I want to organise them in a way that makes it easy to find related calculated fields.


      Lets say I create say 4 separate Viz's with 6 separate calculated fields for each Viz in Tableau. I would like to organise them in the measures part of the data pane so that the measures appear together as a group, so as to be easy to work out what they are for when I am designing other Viz's, and not be confused and use the wrong calculated field. At present my data pane sorts all calculated fields alphabetically together (separate from measures that come in from my data source which are nicely grouped by data source). Whilst a logical sort, not very useful if you have a large number of measures as I am likely to have.


      I would prefer to group related calculated fields together (and happy to sort alpha within each group). Otherwise on my example I am going to have 24 calculated fields (measures) mixed up together with names that make sense for the individual data source they are being used in, but otherwise don't make a lot of sense.


      I have tried a few options:

      1. You can create Hierarchies in the dimensions part of the data pane, but don't seem to be able to create Hierarchies in the measures part?
      2. Likewise there seems to be an option to group fields into folders, but this doesn't seem to work for calculated fields (the option is greyed out when I right click)?
      3. I thought about naming them in a way that grouped each Viz together by having a preface letter for each separate Viz (e.g. X.Measure 1, X.Measure 2 etc. where Measure 2 is the real name of the calculated field and X is for the specific Viz). The problem with this is that the name of the calculated field appears as the header for the field in the report, and X. is not particularly meaningful to the end user, so the calculated field has to be named in a way that will reflect the final report.
      4. I tried option 3 above, and then intended to add an alias for the field. However you don't seem to be able to create aliases for calculated fields?
      5. I thought about doing option 3 above, and then adding a very simple calculated field formula directly in the shelf that basically picked up the field. I was hoping you could name the calculated field in the shelf itself, but the name seems to be just the formula for the calculated field which defeats the purpose as the header remains user unfriendly.


      Has anyone found a way to do this / a work around that makes sense?