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    New user help material available via my blog and Tableau Public

    Simon Beaumont

      Hi everyone,


      Hope you are all having a good 2017, I thought some of you may appreciate the material I have uploaded to my latest blog. It includes a range of Word based help guides for end consumers of visualisations of Tableau Server, helping the user understand tasks such as making subscriptions, saving filters, customising home pages etc. All of the documents have been deliberately uploaded in Word so you can re-brand them with your own organisations logo, all I ask is that if you do use them could you acknowledge where they have come from in the footer of the document, and of course a shout out on twitter (@simonbeaumont04) will never go unappreciated to showcase the sharing we all do within the Tableau UK Healthcare community!


      To access the blog and the example help guides the link is below:


      Helping interactors maximise their user experience of Tableau Server; Tableau Top Tips, User Guides and Tableau Assist


      In addition I have also uploaded to my Tableau Public account a new initiative we are doing in Southern Health called Tableau Assist. This is an interactive Tableau workbook that we have put on our Tableau Server that acts as a help guide for users, giving them access to:


      - A report library

      - Links to all the user guides that we have uploaded on our sharepoint site

      - Calendar of Tableau events we hold internally to support users

      - Contact details for all the analysts

      - List of current developments etc


      The Excel file that acts as the data source has been uploaded as part of the blog above and the Tableau Assist workbook can be downloaded from my Tableau Public account:


      Tableau Public


      Hopefully you will enjoy the content, it would be great to hear your feedback.