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    Worksheet Action (URL) Non-Functional for Non-Publisher Permissions

    J Workman

      I have some URL worksheet actions embedded in an executive-level dashboard I have published. These links lead to other sub-Dashboards within my Tableau server site (Clicking sections of this Dashboard also should lead me to the sub-dashboard). They work fine for me as the publisher, but when some of my users with permission to view the site who do not have publisher access try to click the links on the main dashboard, the links do not work. These same users can access the dashboards the links lead to by going to the main site page and clicking there, but the links themselves in the Dash do not work for them. What needs to be done with these users' permission to enable them to access the other dashes by clicking either the link or the graphics in the Dashboard? I have attached screenshots.


      We initially had issues with these users being able to view Filters and sort data, but we resolved that permissions issue with just this one remaining.