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    Permissions for Google Spreadsheets

    Max Bahne



      I have build an live connection to Google Spreadsheets and I am facing an "issue" with the permissions. Everytime I reopen my Tableau Workbook, the permissions to retrieve data from the spreadsheets are requested. For myself that is not an issue, but I share the Workbooks with other users and they have to click through many permissions in their version of Tableau Reader.


      So I asked myself if there is any possibility to "safe" the permissions like in this SQL workaround, so I must not confirm the permission request after I reopen the Tableau Workbook: https://community.tableau.com/thread/207870

      I already took a look into my Google account, but it seems like there is no way to set up something like an instant access for Tableau.


      I'm working with Tableau Desktop Professional v10.2.


      Thank you!


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