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    Use parameter to change Symbols in symbol map

    Ian Barton

      Dear All,


      I’ve constructed a Symbol Map and I’d like the user to be able to control the Detail and colour by using parameter control [Show Map by]. I’ve set up the parameter and a calculated field which works if I place the calculated field [Map level] onto the Colour shelf but the map wont display when I drag the [Map level] onto the Detail shelf. Can anyone help and explain why?

      I wish to the user to be able to display the map by either [Post code] or [Cluster Post Code]. The postcode are the same but the value aggregates at different levels.


      The parameter is called [Show map by]



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          Simon Runc

          hi Ian,


          So the reason the [Map Level] doesn't work, as you'd expect, is that the [Map Level] field isn't a geographical field



          So if you just have this level on the detail shelf, Tableau can't plot this level...the reason it works with Postcode in the Detail, is that it is using the post code field to do the plotting (a geographic field) and the Map Level is just coloring it. Hope that makes sense?


          So the easiest way to get what you want is to use a sheet swap...if you look at the attached I've set up 2 maps, and used the [Map Level Sheet Swap] field in the filters for each map. I've also (just to show you how it would work) set up 2 different actions from each Map to the table (one sending post code and the other post code cluster), and I've also set up the filters (year, state...) to apply to both maps.


          One they are separate sheets, life becomes much easier as you can control what is on each exactly.


          Hope that helps.