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    Visualize Schedule with Recurrences

    Connor Sims



      I have a table with about 10,000 unique jobplans. I want to count & visualize the number of jobs scheduled in Fiscal Year 2018 (7/1/17-7/1/18).


      In my packaged workbook, I show 3,909 job plans who's next occurrence (NextDateCalc) happens sometime during FY18.


      My problem is this: of these 3,909 jobplans, some have different frequencies (once a year, once per 3 months, once a month), so if I wanted to count how many total (non-unique) jobs will occur in FY18, I need to factor this in.


      How can I calculate the total # of jobs scheduled as opposed to simply the # of unique jobplans that are scheduled at least once this year?


      Any feedback is much appreciated.




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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Connor


          I think this is a solution - there are some questions I have about how you want to address Nulls for next start date and 0 for "Frequency"


          but see below - the way the chart is read is for each PMnum that has a Next Start Date within a month (Blue Bar)  the Orange bar is the total number of times those pmnums will be executed before 12/31/2018


          The Key Calculations are

          Number of months between next start date and 12/31/2018 > DATEDIFF('month',[Nextdatecalc],makedate(2018,12,31))

          and the number of times the pmnum is done before 12/13/2018> IF [Months next start - end of year]>0 then Int([Months next start - end of year]/[Frequency]) else 0 end


          Let me know if this does work







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