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    Windows batch file to perform tableau server silent install

    Sivasankar Muthusamy



      I was referred one of the site for tableau server silent install Tableau Junkie — Windows Batch File For Tableau Server Silent...  and found the windows batch script very useful. However while running the batch script, i am experiencing " Incorrect number of arguments " error and i was not sure what's wrong with the script as everything looks to be ok and  had all required parameter values passed. Appreciated if someone could spot on if there anything wrong with the script ?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Sivasankar -


          Suggest you ping the author of the batch file. I'm sure it worked at some point otherwise he wouldn't have posted it, so I suspect the script itself is fine when used with the specific build it was created for. Or (more likely and please don't take this wrong!), you're simply using it the wrong way.


          Since the message points to wrong number of arguments being passed in, are you sure you're not doing something like passing in a string like:


          Arg1 Arg2 C:\A\Path\Which has\Spaces Arg4


          ....when you SHOULD pass in


          Arg1 Arg2 "C:\A\Path\Which Has\Spaces" Ar45


          instead? The first example above would be interpreted as five args, not 4.  Try posting a screenshot of what you've typed.....