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    DataConnector seems to use very old Web Viewer

    Max Ott

      I implemented a DataConnector using React as I need to provide a kind of query builder for the users to define exactly what data to

      fetch. I have been testing it with the simulator and all kind of web browsers and it works fine. However, when using it from inside

      Tableau Desktop, I immediately get a javascript error which makes me suspect that the javascript engine may be a rather old one.


      TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating

      'u.features.find(function(e){return e.id===o})')

      file: http://localhost:5001/static/js/main.b8a8a372.js line: 4


      I don't have a windows machine to run the debugger - will try to find one. However, I was wondering if anyone can shed some light

      on this.