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    What do the different details mean in the data source filters?

    Walker Storrer



      I have some filters that I have applied to "All Using this Data Source" in my workbook. These are visible in the Data Source Filters, which I accessed by going Data.>[My Data Source]->Edit Data Source Filters.


      Here's what I'm seeing:


      It's very important to note that I am not actually filtering on anything; all filters are set to "Use all." Why then, are the details of some "keeps multiple members" vs "keeps 17 of 17 members" vs "keeps all values," etc.? It doesn't directly tie to the data type, as I suspected. Additionally, I thought that changing all of the filters to "Use all" rather than "Select from list" might change it.



      It's not a major concern, I just want to understand what is going on.



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          Justin Larson

          You are right in that it's just semantics.


          When you see "Member" it's a dimension field. When you see "Value" it's a Measure field. Others are specific to the options on your filter, such as "Range".


          When it lists out the individual items versus X of N, it's just if there's space (within some character limit, somewhere around 50 I'm guessing) where it represents them explicitily if there's space, but if you have enough selected, it shortens the message for readability.


          It switches to Exclude, if that can be represented specifically within that character limit.


          Not sure what prompts the "Many" nomenclature, but it may be when you use a condition or Top filter and the exact number is not known, or is dynamic.