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    How to pass multiple parameters through URL in tableau 10.0

    Aniket deshpande

      I am working on tableau 10.0. And I am trying to download workbook with the help of "tabcmd" command. So for that I am passing two date parameters for date range(start date & End date). I am trying the same by following way:


      tabcmd export "Workbook/SheetName?StartDate=2013-12-2900:00:00&EndDate=2014-03-1423:59:59" --fullpdf -f "D:\Test\Report1.pdf" --no-certcheck

      But it is returning workbook with default values(which I have set during publishing workbook) and not as per the values that I am trying to pass.

      Same process I have achieved with tableau 9.3 with above syntax

      But I am unaware of how to achieve same in Tableau 10.0. So I would like to seek your help regarding the same